One Dearborn County: Stellar Pathways for Indiana Gateways

One Dearborn County: Stellar Pathways for Indiana Gateways

The City of Greendale, Town of Dillsboro, Dearborn County Board of Commissioners, and One Dearborn Economic Development are proud to have been selected as a finalist region for the Indiana Office of Community & Rural Affairs’ Stellar Pathways program! Read the full June 18 finalist announcement from OCRA here. Learn more about the Indiana Office of Community & Rural Affairs Stellar Pathways program at

One Dearborn County Stellar Pathways Information

Upcoming public engagement events:

  • Engagement opportunities are expected to occur between July and October 2024. Please check back as events are scheduled. 
  • One Dearborn County welcomes community groups to schedule engagement sessions with our team. Please contact us at or 812-537-4010 ext 7233.


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View One Dearborn County Stellar Pathways letter of intent documents (May 2024)


Overseen by Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch, the Stellar Pathways program is a multi-year, multi-million-dollar initiative led by OCRA. The program works with communities in a self-determined region on a shared vision for community and economic development, promotes local and regional partnerships, and assists in implementing sustainable solutions to challenges Indiana’s rural communities face.


Dearborn County’s Stellar region is called One Dearborn County: Stellar Pathways for Indiana Gateways. The region’s vision statement focuses on investing in core assets including Dearborn County’s location, outdoor recreation, and community charm to improve quality of place and economic prosperity.

“We desire a catalyst which past iterations of the Stellar program have been shown to provide in other beautiful Indiana communities like Rushville and Madison. It’s not just about funds. It’s about fueling a movement towards sustainable and responsible growth and making Dearborn County not just a place on a map, but a beacon of quality communities recognized across all of Indiana,” said Dearborn County Board of Commissioners President Jim Thatcher.

“This is why our local government partners, private employers, and community institutions look forward to continuing that collaboration with the Indiana Office of Community & Rural Affairs and other Stellar Pathways program partner agencies. Through One Dearborn Economic Development and other entities we are committed to working together and welcome OCRA to join our team,” added Greendale Mayor Vince Karsteter.

“The One Dearborn County partners complement each other through shared opportunities and challenges identified across much local and regional planning. Our new Stellar Pathways vision encapsulates this,” said Dillsboro Town Council President Doug Baker.

Stellar Pathways Kickoff

One Dearborn County Stellar Pathways Kickoff on June 26, 2024


The foundation for One Dearborn County's pursuit of Stellar Pathways was laid in 2018 with the formation of the One Dearborn County Regional Economic Development Action Plan. Clear progress has been made toward the action plan’s goals.

“Thanks to programs like Stellar, READI, and a growing spirit of working together for mutual benefit, collaboration across political boundaries is in a very good spot in Dearborn County. Elected officials, industry, institutions, and non-profits have been demonstrating this for some time. We think Stellar Pathways can supercharge our continuation of efforts to make this county the best it can be for all citizens,” said Mark Graver, President of the One Dearborn Board of Directors.

As a Stellar Pathways finalist, One Dearborn County will receive planning grants to develop a strategic investment plan for their region. Wide and open community engagement across Dearborn County will be critical to ensuring success.


In early 2025, OCRA is expected to select two of the four finalist regions as Stellar Pathways designees to receive set-aside funding from OCRA and several other state agencies for community development projects identified in the regions’ strategic investment plans.


One Dearborn County Stellar Timeline

  • January 2024 – Program launched by Lt. Gov. Crouch and OCRA
  • February-March 2024 – Regional workshops
  • March 2024 – One Dearborn presents Stellar Pathways program to Dearborn County city/town councils and Board of Commissioners
  • March 26 – Dearborn County in-person/virtual meeting at One Dearborn with interested local governments and SIRPC for additional information and discussion
  • April 2024 – Participating city/town councils and Board of Commissioners approve letter of participation
  • April 2024 – Applicants gather materials for Letter of Intent
  • May 1, 2024 – Letter of Intent due to OCRA
  • June 2024 – OCRA announcement of four Stellar Pathways Participants
  • July-October 2024 – Stellar Pathways Participants develop Strategic Investment Plans with $50,000 planning grant. Steering committee planning meetings.
  • November 2024 – Strategic Investment Plans due to OCRA with in-person presentations to Stellar Pathways Committee
  • January 2025 – OCRA announcement of two Stellar Designees
  • 2025-2030 – Designees receive set-aside funding and complete SIP projects