Retention & Expansion


Business Expansion

One Dearborn is here to assist companies and organizations who have outgrown their existing space and are interested in expansion.  The process is treated similarly to beginning a new business.  One Dearborn maintains a close working relationship with real estate professionals, developers, builders, lending institutions, the Indiana Small Business Development Center and other resources who are available to help serve and grow Dearborn County businesses. 


Existing Business Is Critical To Our Future

One Dearborn meets regularly with industries and businesses across the county.  Visits are conducted on the organizations terms, at their facility.  The goal of these visits are so that One Dearborn has a thorough understanding of goals, products, operations, supply chain, workforce needs and financial/regulatory challenges.  This knowledge will better allow One Dearborn the ability to locate solutions and generate ideas that will benefit area businesses. 


When surveying the county landscape, it is important to fully understand any and all concerns, so during prospective visits, the regions best interests are met.  Simply put, a complete understanding of one another will better lend itself when encountering challenges and overcoming obstacles.  That may stand in the way of potential prosperity 


Business Retention

One Dearborn knows the importance of local business.  They are the foundation for which this community's character has been established.  Without their investment, this county would not be the regional thought leader that it is today.  It is with this in mind, that One Dearborn hopes to be a partner working for the betterment of Main Street restaurants, packaging plants along the river, or manufacturing industries outside of town.  One Dearborn is happy to help with your next business move.


In addition, local units of government also care about their business community. They will be a part of a collaborative and supportive environment that is responsive to needs in difficult times and times of growth. A very active and forward-thinking Chamber of Commerce is located in Dearborn County to help connect and advocate. 


One Dearborn is committed to business retention and is always here to help with expansion goals or business challenges.


Top 5 Largest Employers

1. Hollywood Casino
2. Matthews Aurora Funeral Solutions
3. Perfect North Slopes
4. St. Elizabeth Healthcare
5. Walmart Inc.

Top 5 Manufacturing Companies 

1. Matthews Aurora Funeral Solutions
2. Anchor Glass
3. MGP Ingredients
4. Pri-Pak
5. Queen City Candy

Top 5 Property Taxpayers

1. GLP Capital LP - Indiana Gaming Company, LLC
2. Wal-Mart Real Estate Business Trust
3. Whitewater Mill, LLC
4. Lawrenceburg Power, LLC
5. DWSB Lawrenceburg, LLC - Jeff Wyler Chrysler Jeep Dodge