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Dearborn County is home to an inventory of available green fields, building sites and existing structures that would benefit any sized company.  Located on a bedrock aquifer region of Indiana, Dearborn County is a prime location for water-dependent businesses and manufacturing operations. A robust, high quality source of water is abundant. Access to rivers also provides water-treated disposal options when necessary for operations.  The county is also home to prime real estate with quick access to an international airport and major Interstates, I-74, I-275, I-71 and I-75.  In addition, there is property available along both the CIND and CSX railroads.


By being located within the state of Indiana, your business will receive a competitive advantage. Indiana ranks amongst the most favorable in the Cost of Doing Business and Worker's Comp Premium Rate.  On average, local tax rates are low compared to other counties, cities and towns in the Cincinnati tri-state area and Indiana as a whole. Dearborn County is home to a strong casino business that provides supplemental income to local governments which generally helps hold down tax rates and allows for more investment in infrastructure and quality of life amenities.  Indiana ranks amongst the best in the country for Cost of Doing Business and Workers' Comp Premium Rate.


Economic Support

Why choose Dearborn County and Indiana?

Category U.S. Rank
Best State Tax Climate Index 8th
Cost of Doing Business 5th 
Number of pass-through highways 1st
Property Tax Index Rank 4th
U.S. States for Business 5th
Workers' Comp Premium Rate Rank 2nd
2018 America's Top States for Business- Infrastructure 2nd










One Dearborn is your primary incentives contact.  Both, Indiana and Dearborn County proudly offer competitive land prices, low taxes, Right-to-Work status and one of the highest bond ratings in the nation. Through local, state and private partnerships, we will work to ensure your organization receives the most robust package possible.  This may include a combination of local and/or state incentives, abatements, grants and low interest loans.  


One Dearborn understands that in today's business climate the need for discretion.  Therefore this process will be completed confidentiality.


Indiana promotes your growth, innovation and profits.  Explore more about the state's incentives.


Greater Cincinnati Airport

The Greater Cincinnati Airport (CVG) added 1.3 million new passengers in 2017, as their traffic grew by 16% or 4 times the national average. CVG now serves 60 nonstop destinations with 165 peak-day departures, which is more than any other airport in the region. Allegiant, Delta, Frontier and Southwest have all announced more new service for 2018.  CVG is also proud to be the lowest fare airport in the Tri-State region, with an average fare lower than Dayton, Columbus, Louisville, Lexington and Indianapolis. The typical passenger now pays $200 less per ticket than four years ago, based on airfare rankings by the U.S. Dept. of Transportation. CVG continues to support the region’s growth and success, and is a valuable partner for southeast Indiana.


Six Metropolitan Areas In Under Two Hours

In addition to Cincinnati, Dearborn County offers access to five additional MSA’s within a two hour drive. These cities include Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, Dayton and Columbus, OH.