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SIRPC, PCRD Seek Input Toward Regional Digital Inclusion Plan

Over the course of this past year, SIRPC has worked closely with the Purdue Center for Regional Development (PCRD) to draft a regional digital inclusion plan supported by a regional digital advisory team (RDAT). 

At this time, public input is needed prior to unveiling the final draft of the plan. FIND THE SURVEY HERE.

A brief overview of the plan is as follows:


What is Digital Inclusion?

Digital inclusion ensures everybody (children, seniors, minorities, small businesses, and workers to name a few) have access to affordable and adequate internet connectivity, reliable devices, sufficient digital skills and literacy, and customized support to prosper in the digital age.


The Mission

The mission is to create a regional environment where all southeast Indiana citizens and businesses thrive through connectivity and digital inclusion.

Goal #1: Build/upgrade affordable, scalable, and future proof broadband throughout the community and improve adoption.

Goal #2: Ensure all residents have reasonable access to quality, affordable, and reliable devices as well as a trusted technical support to maintain, upgrade and use these devices.

Goal #3: Provide a perpetual digital literacy ecosystem — multi-faceted across multiple technologies - offering support and equitable access to people of all ages and abilities for the region’s digital activities.

Goal #4: Include connectivity, devices and digital skills into local and regional community and economic  development strategies through public private partnerships, coordination, and assessments resulting in a sustainable digital equity ecosystem.