State Road 1 Corridor Request For Proposals




Request for Proposals – State Road 1 Corridor Plan

Dearborn County and Franklin County, Indiana

SEI READI, Inc., One Dearborn and Franklin County Economic Development Commission are inviting your firm to submit a proposal for consulting services to lead the creation of a Corridor Plan for the State Road 1 (SR 1) Corridor in alignment with economic development opportunities further outlined within SEI READI, Inc.’s Regional Development Plan.

For this project, SEI READI, One Dearborn and the FCEDC seek professional planning and civil engineering services to assist in the evaluation and analysis for the SR 1 Corridor (see exhibit in the separately attached RFP document) – an approximately six (6) mile stretch of roadway that acts as a physical connection between Interstate 74 and State Road 52 beginning in Dearborn County and terminating in Franklin County.

In alignment with the economic growth and talent attraction goals outlined within SEI READI, Inc.’s 2021 Regional Development Plan and the 2020 Dearborn & Franklin Counties Regional Economic Development Strategic Plan, a variety of land uses along the Corridor are anticipated, as well as a thoughtful analysis of existing infrastructure and capacity. One Dearborn and the FCEDC seek a plan supported by a market-driven approach that will establish a vision and methodical framework for redevelopment within the Corridor. The plan should provide details on the type, location, and scale of potential development that is appropriate and suitable, as well as evaluate infrastructure and utility improvements required to support the redevelopment framework established. To the extent applicable, funding alternatives are also sought in conjunction with the established framework.

Described more thoroughly within the separately attached RFP document, each consultant/consultant team interested in responding to this RFP should be prepared to submit the following items:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Description of Approach
  • Team Expertise
  • Comparable Projects
  • Sample Plan Document

All communications in specific reference to this RFP should be sent by email to Mike Perleberg ( and should reference the State Road 1 Corridor Plan RFP in the subject line. Any consultant or consultant team interested in submitting a proposal for the State Road 1 Corridor Plan should email a notice of intent to Submission of a notice of intent will ensure receipt of timely notifications on the RFP process. Please identify a designated point-of-contact to receive future project notifications within the notice of intent.

All questions regarding the RFP must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. (EST), Monday, July 11, 2022.

Proposals must be submitted electronically to no later than 4:00 p.m. (EST), Wednesday, July 13, 2022. All submittals should be formatted for standardized printing purposes.

Please review the separately attached RFP document for more information.



Bill Schirmer

President, Board of Directors



Mike Perleberg

Executive Director

One Dearborn, Inc.


John Palmer


Franklin County Economic Development Commission