INvets Makes it's Way to Dearborn County

INvets ( is a non-profit organization that connects military members transitioning to civilian life and recently retired veterans with opportunities for good jobs in Indiana. INvets is active on military bases nationally and internationally. They have a strong track record of matching veterans with successful career paths.

During the lunch and learn Brian explained to local business owners and leaders how the INvets talent pool presents an opportunity to source reliable and highly qualified talent. In a time where workforce is a growing challenge across the country, INvets provides an opportunity to source talent outside of the local labor pool. This reduces competition for the limited available workforce, allowing companies to bring in talent from outside of the immediate area. 

To register your business to be a partner with INvets visit this link and fill out the company registration form. Becoming a partner with INvets is absolutely free of charge. Sign up link below:

Also, don't forget to post your job openings and opportunities on LinkedIn where INvets will share the opportunity with their talent pool.

If you were not able to make the presentation we have included Brian's slide deck in this email along with his contact information below:

Brian Evans

Thanks to all who participated. We are excited to see how INvets is able to help our local businesses grow!